Health Caretoons for Kids

Explore the world of kids health and wellness


Educating with Cartoons

The medical world can be scary and confusing, so all our content is in a language and medium kids can actually understand.


Empowering Kids and Families

Knowledge is powerful, so understanding health challenges allows kids and families to ask questions and make more informed decisions.


Improving Health Outcomes

Education and engagement directly lead to better health outcomes, especially in pediatrics.

Some Friendly Words


"I want to grow up and be a doctor just like Dr. Patches."

Molly, first-grade

"Tiny Docs is JUST what our kids need to be empowered to stay healthy!"

Rian Reed

"Tiny Docs promotes not only remedies for helping children cope with medical situations, but also putting a smile on those children as well as parents."

Stephanie Jones, Parent

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