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Mental Health

Billie vs. Worry Monster

mental healthOCDworry monsterobsessive compulsive disorderbehaviorcognitive behavior traininganxiety
Billie tries to enter the bathroom one day, but someone or maybe something is preventing her from entering. There is something lurking in…

Mental Health

Billie Goes Back to School

mental healthOCDobsessive compulsive disorderbehaviorschoolfriendshipcognitive behavior traininganxiety
Billie has new tools to help with obsessive compulsive disorder, but how does she explain it to her friends at school? And will the Worry…


Meet Patches and Scrubs

character introductioncharacter animationTiny DocsPatchesScrubsMeerkats
How much do you know about the Tiny Docs team? Meet the Tiny Docs team! Learn more about our characters in this character introduction…

Strep Throat

Strep Culture Trivia

strep throattriviasore throatcontagiousstrep teststrep
Lil Kay, the biggest popstar on the planet, suddenly gets a scratchy throat. Watch as the meerkats help Lil Kay with her strep throat and…


Now You Know: Masks

maskscoronavirusCovid-19PSAHugs Kindness
With Covid-19 cases continuing to spread and increase, it's important to wear a mask. Masks save lives. And masks are all about kindness…


#PatchMeUp: Covid-19

Covid-19Coronaviruscoughshortness of breathpandemicsocial distancingquarantinevaccinefever
New cases of Covid-19 continue to rise in the United States and around the world. In the newest episode of #PatchMeUp, Dr. Patches answers…


#PatchMeUp: Mindfulness

mindfulness meditationlovewellnessmindfulness for kidsbreathemindfulmental health
What is mindfulness? What are its benefits? Dr. Patches helps us understand what is, how it can help us, and guides us through a useful…


Ready. Set. Breathe!

asthmatriggerbreathinginhalerlungswheezingairwaysasthma attackflare-upspacer
Willow can run like the wind, but suddenly she has a hard time breathing! Watch Dr. Patches and Nurse Scrubs as they teach Willow about…


Shiver Me Tonsils

tonsilstonsillectomythroatprocedureanesthesiatonsillitis virusbacteriaglandsinfection
Ahoy! Join Kevin as the Tiny Docs crew helps him navigate his tonsillitis. From a pirate ship to a doctor's office, Kevin learns what a…


Wait! Hydrate!

waterhydrationsportsspecial olympicsathletesmeerkatsdoctor patchesnurse scrubs
The meerkats Tim, Tam, and Tom remind several Special Olympics athletes to “Wait!” a moment and “Hydrate!” as an important part of their…


Breaking News: Special Olympics Games

special olympicsswimmingexercisetrack & fieldwellness
Breaking news! Dr. Patches and Nurse Scrubs deliver a special edition of Tiny Docs News with the meerkats reporting live from the Special…

Dance Video

Downgrade U

dancechoreographymeerkatsmusic videoscrubs
There are no bigger Beyonce fans than Tim, Tam, and Tom. Watch the triplet meerkats break it down in a rad dance video that is sure to make…


Science of Hugs

Mia is anxious about her visit to the doctor’s office, but Dr. Patches gives her a hug and she feels much better! Learn how hugs create…


Ready To Be Brave

When Chloe needs surgery, she’s scared that it might hurt, so Dr. Patches teaches her about anesthesia, an incredible medicine that will…

Coming Soon!


#PatchMeUp: Germs

In this upcoming episode of #PatchMeUp, Dr. Patches will answer basic questions regarding germs, what they are, and how they spread.

Lantern Light

It's okay to feel sad sometimes. Dr. Patches teaches Jordan that sharing how we feel -- through artwork or through conversations with people we trust -- makes us brave. This story is a heartfelt reminder that no one is alone.

Sugar: The Musical

Too much sugar is not good for you. Watch the Tiny Docs crew help Juan understand why sugar is not good for the body in our first musical.

#PatchMeUp: Screen Time

There is so much talk about screen time for kids nowadays. In this episode of #PatchMeUp, Dr. Patches addresses the benefits of screen time and disadvantages of too much screen time.

Meerkat Shadow Puppet Theater

When Maria needs surgery, she’s scared that it might hurt, so Nurse Scrubs and the meerkats teach her about anesthesia, an incredible medicine that will help Maria fall asleep and feel no pain.

Charley's Song

Getting an IV can be scary. In this episode Dr. Patches helps Charley understand why it is important to get an IV.

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