From Big Bird to Dr. Patches

Written By:

Dustin Claretto

November 16 2016


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I was raised on the street and a bus. Every morning I’d make my way to a picnic table, hope there was a good breakfast, and start my day. Now, the picnic table happened to be Little Tikes, breakfast was lovingly prepared by my mom, and the streets and bus were of the Sesame and Magic School Bus variety. But I do believe that a fictional street and an animated, time-traveling bus played an integral role in my educational and social development. That cartoons actually have the power to inspire and teach kids is one of the reasons I’m so excited about Tiny Docs.

Kids are naturally drawn to animation, so getting them to watch might be the easy part, but combining education with entertainment is no simple task. Sesame Street and The Magic School bus mastered it - I laughed at Cookie Monster and Ms. Frizzle’s iguana, but also learned to share, count, read, and ‘get out there and explore.’

Dr. Patches are Nurse Scrubs are inspired by this idea that cartoons can be powerful enough to do more than just entertain. If kids watch Tiny Docs and can enter a doctor’s office with knowledge, confidence, and good questions, then Tiny Docs has done its job. If kids show compassion to their peers and family members when they’re going through an illness or injury, then Tiny Docs has done its job. If more kids are inspired to be doctors and nurses because they know anything is possible and they can make a difference in the world, then Tiny Docs has done its job. Patches and Scrubs have a lot of work to do, but goal is exciting and the journey is worth it. A healthier, happier planet.

Dustin Claretto

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Dustin Claretto is the co-founder and COO of Tiny Docs