Kids & The Coronavirus

These days, everyone seems to be talking about COVID-19. The new virus has changed the way we go to school, to work, and even the way we interact with our friends and family. There is still a lot we do not know about COVID-19, but the whole world is learning new things every day and working together to fight the virus and make the world a safe, healthy place again. It's important that we all do whatever we can to stay safe, so our comic, "A Kid's Guide to COVID-19," explains COVID-19 and its effects on the world in a language kids can understand. Please be safe, ask lots of questions, wash your hands, and be kind to everyone you meet.

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While you're busy staying safe and healthy in quarantine, check out our activity book! Inside you'll find mazes, pictures, puzzles, and much more, all featuring Dr. Patches, Nurse Scrubs, and, of course, Tim, Tam, and Tom.

TinyDocs Activity Book
TinyDocs Quarantine Comic Book

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