A Remarkable Female Lead

Written By:

Sunny Williams

January 21 2017


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One of the first things that people notice when I show them our cast of characters is that our lead character is a little girl with purple hair. The surprise stems more from the choice of a female lead and has less do to do with the purple hair. Sadly, a female lead is still remarkable–-something worth remarking about.

When I first started dreaming of Tiny Docs, I knew that the lead must be a girl. As a feminist, it saddens me that gender inequality exists; backwards thoughts about women are still deeply rooted in our society. I wanted to do something to flip the script, but as a man-child with very little influence, I felt like there was little I could do. So, I created these characters, in part, to try to change hearts and minds. Dr. Patches was created on a road trip from Chicago, Illinois to Fairborn, Ohio. Fueled by Starbucks chai tea lattes and Subway turkey sandwiches, my then girlfriend and I brainstormed the development of our star on and off during our 12 hour adventure.

We are not only trying to impact the healthcare space, but also greater society. Not only do we hope to educate kids and families about health, we also aim to inspire the next generation of doctors and nurses and undermine dated stereotypical gender roles. We look forward to the day when the only thing remarkable about Dr. Patches is her purple hair.

Sunny Williams

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Sunny Williams is the co-founder and CEO of Tiny Docs.