A Billion Smiles

Written By:

Sunny Williams

February 22 2017


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A few weeks ago I was speaking with a dear friend and mentor about Tiny Docs. His rabid enthusiasm about Tiny Docs and our mission is infectious. We talked about its potential to positively effect change in the world and potential challenges that we could face. As the conversation was winding down, he told me that if we executed we could be in a position of getting a billion users. I looked at him with a knowing smile and responded that our goal was not a billion users. He gave me a puzzled look. “Why not?” he responded. I said that our goal was not a billion users. Our goal is a billion smiles–a billion smiles in dozens of languages. And so a billion smiles became one of our benchmarks for success.

Sunny Williams

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Sunny Williams is the co-founder and CEO of Tiny Docs.